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Transcript: Paul Price • IAAP Teleconference • Jan 29, 2020

by Paul Price, Ontario, Canada
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As I began to address the topic of aging, I was almost taken by surprise to acknowledge that my body will be turning eighty this year! I didn’t think I was going make it past 20, I was dealing with such illness. Yet it was this illness that actually introduced me to the Attunement process. I was about 22 years of age when I first connected with Attunement and its magic. This process is about a journey. So much of our time can get tied into goals and destination. A lot of our life patterns are that way; getting into the right school, the right job, and then retirement, often not living in the present moment. The important thing to me now is being aware of what this journey looks like with a body that is now this old. We all know, the body has a shelf life. What’s key, like in the grocery store, is our best “before” date. Each time we share an Attunement with someone, it’s only the energy of the present moment that can be focused.

Am I listening to the story that’s in the energy of the present moment? Sometimes, in getting older, nostalgia sets in. I remember all that I could do when I was younger. I could bench press 190 pounds. A couple days ago, I went to shovel the snow and I could barely lift 150 pounds. That was me trying to get out of my chair! It helps to have a sense of humor along with appreciation for what can still happen with this body. I love my scrambled eggs in the morning. I marvel just watching my hands picking up those delicate eggs, cracking them, beating them, the whole breakfast-making process. There is so much, with respect to our bodies, that we just take for granted. Really, it’s a miracle just to be able to walk! It would seem, now, for me, the pace has to slow and I have to listen to the energy for today.

My body’s been a great servant. I need to consciously check in with it to see if it needs to rest a little longer today, or do I need to push it a bit more. It’s just taking the time to listen. I travel to Toronto sometimes on the train, and looking out the window, I see deer playing in the fields and horses racing around like mad. A lot of the younger folks don’t even look away from their telephones or their computers, and they’ve missed these beautiful moments on this trip. It’s all about getting from Point A to Point B, rather than enjoying what’s in-between.

Another thing that is showing up, of late, is that more people on the train or subway, are getting up to offer me their seat. Initially, my ego cried, “Do I really look that old?” But then, when I came home and looked in the mirror, I had to admit, “Yep! I do!” But, what I have noticed is that after they’ve offered me the seat, if I don’t accept, they don’t go back and sit down. I sense what is really being offered to me is an Attunement by these individuals. A simple act of kindness. They’re offering me a loving blessing. I take advantage of that now, because our attunement process is, as we know, an everyday process.

I recently saw a brilliant program on BBC. A retired medical doctor of about 73, spoke to a group of graduating doctors. He opened with this: “I have Alzheimer’s. That’s why I needed to quit my practice.” “But”, he said, “I’m still present.” He proceeded to deliver an address, for the next half hour, to this graduating class, beautifully done! In this, he encouraged them to remember that, though there are illnesses and diseases, there’s still a person present. In concluding the session, he said, “Now, I don’t think I remember how to get home. Could someone help me?” I thought the courage of this man was amazing!

Another gem from BBC focused on a group of seniors, 70-90 years old, who have formed a choir and a small band. It isn’t your basic ballads and such, no, they formed a rock choir. Rather than ending up in a rocking chair, they chose to end up in a rocking choir. Initially, it was for their own pleasure. But they were asked to perform in a local prison. They invited the prisoners up to sing and dance with them. Some of the prisoners said, at a later point in the program, that, though they’d been through all kinds of rehab, this group inspired them to change their lives, simply by their genuine enthusiasm and love for life. I think that’s the key. We don’t have to prove anything to anybody. We just have to learn how to effectively navigate the part of the journey that we’re on.

Another piece I’d like to mention relates to the number of really fine young people making beautiful statements around care for our planet, gun control and a whole variety of social issues. I love their passion and feel that they need the support of elders. We know how to offer Long Distance Attunement. We are in position to support them in a way that we know well, maybe through a picture or word placed on the fridge alongside others we love. We know how powerful long-distance attunement work is. For many years, there were those on Sunrise Ranch who were very active and then seemed to disappear. But, in fact, there were those like Mary Schmeer, who passed last year. Every day, after retirement, she sat for hours, going over lists of dozens and dozens of people and extending a blessing of Long-Distance Attunement to them. All this was from her little trailer, seemingly, in the middle nowhere. Yet, she knew she was making a difference.
In this aging process we can continue to honor the gift of remembrance and to develop new ways of navigating it effectively for who we are now, knowing that we make a difference.

I do want to put the emphasis on Spirit. How old is Spirit? How old is Life? Several years ago, there was a movie out called “The Bucket List.” It was about those things that we had hoped to get done, before we finished up and the question crossed my mind, where is my spiritual bucket list? This body of mine has been blessed to have a lot of radiance offered to it. It had a chance for certain physical patterns to begin to be cleared out, because I seem to recall that somewhere it was said it would be valuable if some flesh was saved. So, while I’m in this form, I need to take note of those things on my spiritual bucket list that are not finished yet. Take time to meditate on that and see what comes in to the equation.

It is phenomenal to realize the thoughts that are capable of flowing through consciousness because of the intensified radiant current. Yes, there is a cellular memory that is present in my body that needs to be honored to assist in the awakening process; the ascension process. We have a physical body that moves along with the radiation, it is not just an invisible spirit.

Thank you to everyone!

5 thoughts on “Transcript: Paul Price • IAAP Teleconference • Jan 29, 2020

  1. Paul –
    I very much appreciate your words and perspective. Your call for us to live consciously and mindfully really resonates with me. I will carry the image of looking out of the train window, rather than down to a phone, as a poignant and apt metaphor for going about my days. Being in the present moment and greeting with thankfulness, reverence, and awe the day to day is what gives meaning to our lives. And your reminder of how vital a role we play as we hold our loved ones and the world in Attunement – so important!
    Thank you again –

  2. Thank you Paul for your heartfelt words. I recently decided to finally retire. Since making this decision life has taken a wondrous discovery of what I can offer this world of beauty and turmoil. As an Elder, I am not tied with having to make money, prove myself. Now I am giving of the fullness of Who I Am. Love Vicki

  3. It feels like that this is spiritual transformation that is HAPPENING TO US, not that WE ARE ACHIEVING! and my experience is that of BEING cast adrift! By Who? The Ego has no place, IT has nothing to do anymore, so The invitation to The I AM is to COME HOME BEFORE I die physically which has always been the case ! I either enjoy the place of Peace before I physically die or I choose to fight the good fight! I AM in the infants class of how to BE and where to go with my Ascendion into No MANS Land!!! My Ego is still challenging Me from the How well have you done in this life! BUT GOD IS CALLING,,,,,!!!! No Wendy is not physically dying BUT just in reorientation! And hearing the Call to Ascension! Before I physically die! I feel lazy! Am I guilty?? Not DOING ENOUGH,. Let Go Wendy I say! Sit quietly and Enjoy Heaven inspite of human nature revving up outside! Come In to the .sanctuary and Let it Go and do it’s own thing for final outcome WILL BE PERFECT PEACE,,!

  4. You continue to be an inspiration, Paul. Thank you for your words and your practical spirituality. As we both slip into our octogenarian years, I am deeply thankful to be in the service of the Lord with you, blessing our worlds and people in them in our Attunement ministry—including our ageing bodies. I am finding it easier to perform physically challenging chores when I lead forward with a can-do spirit. Much love to you my friend and colleague.

  5. Thank you Paul, for the encouraging words. What is mine to do now? Sometimes it is stepping aside and letting others step into a position I have held. They will bring something different to the situation. If we both listen to what is needed now it becomes a joy and I can support in that. Life is a joy when one listens to what is present.

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