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As Above So Below

by Erin Rivers
Mission, KS
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Have you found yourself scrolling through your Facebook page wondering what is happening in the world? Have you listened to the nightly news, CNN, or your own news feed and shaken your head in dismay? If you can honestly shake your head in the negative, then you are a rare bird, and we all should sit at your feet and listen attentively.

In my meditations, the term “As Above, So Below” has been coming up more frequently. I have always thought this an edict on behavior. We should walk in this world as Christ-like, as pure of heart as we are able. Meditate, enfold in Love. Walk the walk and pray. But, lately, with kids in cages, Supreme Court nominees, and the Soviet intervention, I am angry. What is this world coming to? I have called my congressmen. I am absolutely going to vote. I will probably volunteer for somebody’s election office. And I do enfold our highest office in Attunement.

In the back of my mind and in my meditation, however, comes the term, “As Above, So Below.” Some words of Martin Cecil came to my attention. From “The Foundation of Built-In Stability” edited and condensed from a morning service given on 5/20/79, Cecil stated, “In the overall sense everything works the way it works. As it comes together into focus it works in specific ways, rightly. As human beings we don’t know very much about this because we have been out of position for so long, but we begin to find out as we let it happen.”

To hold a thing, whether a person, a government, or our planet, without regard to outcome, is a leap of faith. It is believing that throughout it all, everything will somehow work out. Continuing with Cecil’s words: “So the substance must be present in which our worlds may be immersed, in which case we have a protective attitude toward our worlds. We didn’t come here to condemn our worlds but to offer salvation to our worlds, and that salvation is offered because we enfold our worlds. And we are capable of doing this only to the extent that there is an abundance of substance needful in which our worlds may be immersed, this life plasma, this spiritual substance.”

How does one generate substance? I know we have all listened to this talk. Substance is generated through right living, through the practice of Attunement. Many of us remember the image of the clean water being poured into the dirty water and the resulting cleaning occurring. I know my life has been altered immensely because of Attunement. Cecil knew that we would have a protective attitude toward our world and everyone and everything in them. He also understood that we are all subject to fear. And so, he asks, “If we are subject to fear, what are we afraid of? Our worlds presumably; perhaps something specific in our worlds, but our worlds nevertheless. Fear, obviously, then keeps us in subjection to our worlds: that’s just one thing it does.”

Martin Cecil remands us that perfect love casts out fear. He reminds us that we have a different way of meeting the world, and that what we do and how we envision our worlds matter; it makes a difference. It is only when we have an attitude of protection to our world because we know and understand that there is a Divine Design can we fill our world with spiritual substance. Again, Cecil states, “The processes of transformation could be judged, could stimulate critical attitudes, but not if you are enfolding your worlds and protecting them, loving them. Here is the second great commandment beginning to emerge. We are here to keep the world safe, not for democracy but for the Creator, and for the purpose for which there is a world in the first place. We share this responsibility. We begin to understand what it is hen we accept our position, our true position, instead of trying to find it somewhere where it isn’t. Coming again into place, we share the responsibility of enfolding our worlds, with others who do likewise.”

Martin Cecil is reminding us – stand firm in your belief that the world will be made right. Hold it and all in Love and the Light of Radiation. Know, and have faith that as Above, so below. And, still call your senator and representative. Still walk door to door if that is what helps you feel as though you are working to protect your worlds. And as always, keep practicing Attunement. Keep holding your worlds in Love and Light, and Bless the World – Share Attunement.

7 thoughts on “As Above So Below

  1. Erin Rivers – your words flow like a river of cool water over hot coals. It is so easy to join you in this flow of love and compassion. Thank you for opening the flood gates of your heart in this way – as a reminder, yes, but more so as a radiant release of the Holy Waters of Love. Bless you.

  2. Thank you Erin. Your perspective is so important in the mix of today’s right doings. Yes!

  3. Thank you for writing this excellent article, Erin. “As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above” comes from the Principle of Correspondence in Hermetic science. When there are individuals who live in this awareness and thus release the radiation of Love, then the world will be made right again. I stand with you in this knowing!

  4. What a beautiful reminder, to be aware where I place my attention in all that I do. Thank you

  5. Thank you Erin. I’m so glad I read this before I started my daily “scrolling”.

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