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Welcome, Season of Rest

by Donna Jorgensen
Gladstone, MO
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Autumn is here and the landscape in Missouri is brilliant with fall colors– yellow, orange and red. It is the fire cycle of this year and I love it! Winter is next with its cold days and nights, maybe some snow–a time of stillness in the outer sense, reminding us of how necessary this ingredient is in our lives. In her book “Listening Below the Noise”, Anne LeClaire writes:

“Today, for most of us, life is seriously out of balance. We have become inundated with obligations…overwhelmed by noise and the onslaught of news and information, surrounded by clamor and meaningless conversations, all buttressed by our culture’s supposition that action is preferable to inaction, busywork to idleness…Demands of all kinds weave like vines through our lives. We have come to accept pressing schedules as normal and rest as an aberration. Stressed, anxious, and depleted, we rush through errands, appointments, and social engagements. We manufacture counterfeit necessities.”

As Attunement Practitioners we understand the importance of silence, stillness, and balance in our lives. We know these qualities are a necessity if we are to provide the clarity and potency of what is available through Attunement. The opportunities we have today for providing a service that genuinely reflects living a life of balance are endless. People in general, of all ages, are craving a quality of connection with Life that is only experienced by accessing a pristine essence of stillness and quiet—mind, heart uncluttered and at peace. I know that as I increasingly become aware of the vast dimensions of Being through my own deeper understanding of the value of a quieter inner and outer life, honoring my vertical connection with Spirit, I provide what is truly useful to others.

So whether we need to re-balance our individual lives, or with the upcoming season of holidays release ourselves from the worldly expectations of activity, we have a wonderful opportunity to welcome this next cycle of nature’s reminder to rest, review, release and renew, knowing that by doing so, we are providing a most-needed service and a quality of radiance that is uniquely ours to give.

“In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form.” -Eckhart Tolle

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Season of Rest

  1. Donna, Thank you for this timely reminder, so beautifully stated. I know I will read and reread it many times in the next few months as I try to remember to honor the need for stillness in myself and as I work to share its meaning with family. Sending love, Jeannine

  2. I cannot explain enough just how much this beautiful offering nourishes my soul and how happy and joyful it makes me feel to KNOW that that which I am experiencing without being taught is the spirit of truth nourishing my soul and encouraging me to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD,! Now is the hour! And Love is all there is hovering to find any chink to heal the wayward human kind and to nourish the earth and all living things! We are calmed in the world of human nature to know and trust that LOVE IS HOVERING LIKE THE HOLY GHOST TO FIND ANY APERTURE TO HEAL OUR WOrld AND ALL LIVING THINGS and as we realise this and the healing it can bring All living things will gain new life and WE WILL BE MADE WHOLE AND HEALED,, is this Revelations on a roll? We just have to be thankful to be instruments of peace and enjoy when recognising all that we have been chosen to experience is part of the Divine Plan to reinstate Heaven on Earth! We have been chosen! He said “I HAVE CHOSEN YOU”. All we have to do is BE STILL AND LISTEN! With love from Wendy

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